Motion for 若葉杯 -JPDU関西-



R1: THW give students the right to choose their teachers.
R2: THW make votig compulsory.
R3: THBT a long-distance relationship is better than a short-distance relationship.
R4: THW introduce environmental tax.
R1: THW abolish school uniform.
R2: THW introduce compulsory voting.
R3: THBT having a roommate is better than living alone for university students.
R4: THW ban possession of gun.
R1: THBT it is better for a baseball player to go to abroad than staying in Japan.
R2: THW prohibit pornography.
R3: THW make volunteer compulsory in high school.
R4: THW ban possession of gun.
R1:THW allow corporal punishment for education.
R2:THW establish casinos.
R3:THBT going to the sea is better than going to the pool.
R4:THW leagalize euthanasia.
R1: THW abolish nuclear power plants.
R2: THW make volunteer work compulsory in schools.
R3: THW prefer traveling abroad to traveling in Japan.
R4: THW impose tax on carbon dioxide.
R1: THBT internet is harmful for elementary school students.
R2: THW abolish death penalty.
R3: THBT university students should do part-time job.
R4: THW introduce parliamentary debate at school.