Motion for The 関西 -JPDU関西-


The 関西

8th the kansai(2012)
R1: THW give more votes to parents based on number of their children under legal age.
R2: THW abolish the statute of limitations for all criminal cases.
R3: THW forcibly feed anorexics.
R4: THBT local governments should always prioritize their domestic products or services when they make contracts.
QF: THW abolish Tenno system.
SF: THW universally ban the use of private military contractors.
GF: THBT consensual cannibalism can be justified.
6th the Kansai (2009)
R1: THW withdraw English education from elementary school.
R2: THW protect the rights of the minority.
R3: THBT Switzerland should welcome more foreign laborers from EU area.
R4: THW ban the usage of cloning technology for pets.
QF+Rookie SF: THBT Japanese Government should not send the Self-Defence Forces abroad.
SF: THW introduce a national referendum for recalling Prime Minister.
Rookie GF: THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.
GF: THW legalize euthanasia in Italy.
5th the Kansai (2008)
R1: THBT a company had better terminate the businesses if local people are forced to work under poor conditions.
R2: THW set a gap year between leaving school and starting university.
R3: THW correct gender disparity in rearing children.
R4: THW hate the use of private cars.
QF: THW introduce a tax system with a constant rate into income tax.
SF: THW introduce conscription.
GF: THW support the income of all commercial farm households.
4th the Kansai (2007)
R1: THW end ODA for China.
R2: THBT bullied children can choose death in some case.
R3: THBT Ethiopia should have not intervened in Somalia militarily.
R4: THW enforce payment.
QF: THW impose harsher punishment on celebrity.
SF: THW drive out companies when they violate quality of product.
GF: THW legalize abortion in Portugal.
3rd the Kansai (2006)
R1: THW let children choose their own teachers.
R2: THBT the French government should withdraw the First Job Contract(CPE).
R3: THW raise taxes on the rich.
R4: THW allow Iran to develop nuclear power.
QF: THW render local referenda legally binding.
SF: THBT children born of AID have the right to know their genetic parents.
GF: THW legalize prostitution.
2nd the Kansai (2005)
R1: THW found public schools for soccer.
R2: THW establish a public election system for the prime ministership.
R3: THW allow gay marriage.
R4: THW oblige the people in Japan to pay the fee for NHK.
1st the Kansai (2004)
R1: TH prefers the price of products including consumption tax.
R2: THW ban pornography.
R3: THW accept illegal immigrants.
SF: THBT the restriction of foreign trade should be based on scientific reasons.
GF: THW prohibit non-nuclear powers from possessing any material and technology related with nuclear weapons.