Motion for 紅葉杯 -JPDU関西-



6th Momiji Cup (2010)
R1: THW establish a casino.
R2: THBT simple wedding is better than gorgeous one.
R3: THW raise tuition of students with poor grade.
R4: THBT doctors should inform cancer patients of their true illness.
QF: THW ban negative campaigning.
SF: THBT the government has no right to control information to its citizens.
GF: THW legalize marijuana.
5th Momiji Cup (2009)
R1: THW impose enviornmental tax.
R2: THW raise minimum wage.
R3: THBT a long-distance relationship is better than a short-distance relationship.
R4: THW introduce compulsory volunteering.
QF: THW ban sperm banks.
SF: THW let students choose their own teachers.
GF: THW ban tabacco.
3rd Momiji Cup (2007)
R1: THW construct a casino in a tourist area.
R2: THBT parents should push their children to play sports rather than to study.
R3: THW ban abortion.
R4: THW make voting compulsory.
1st Momiji Cup (2005)
R1: THW abolish gun.
R2: THW prefer sports to eating in autumn.
R3: THW establish Casino.